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Preparing 2013:

Sabine directing 'Alice in Wonderland' and

'Sherlock Holmes'

for the theatre-festival 'Burgspiele Güssing' in Austria

At the moment she's writing the plays, writing music, writing songs, thinking, imagining, etc.

Here are the new posters created by our graphistHeinz Gurdet!




November 2012 - Sabine's One-Woman-Show 'The white harp' or her 'Glittery Show' on stage - in Austria and touring in France




Oktober 2012 - Close-up crystal-balls for various events



Oktober 2012 - Arlequin and Colombine are back! Here in a park for the opening of a super-chic shopping-center in Levallois, near Paris




July 2012 - Jeremy James is juggling at the European Juggling Convention in Lublin, Poland




July 2012 - 'Bunbury' or 'The importance of being Ernest' - Oscar Wilde

Sabine James is the artistic director of the theatre-festival 'Burgspiele Güsisng, in Güssing, Austria. She's responsible for the adaptation and translation of the book, she's the director and choreographer of the play. Music is done by Friedl Gamerith, stage-scenery built by Heinz Gurdet!

The Premiere was a big success! The critics of the austrian TV was more than enthusiastic, the press articles are brilliant! :-) Come and see the show!

Bunbury oder Ernst sein ist alles - The importance of being Ernest - Oscar Wilde - Burgspiele Güssing 18. 7. - 18. 8. 2012 Güssing, Austria




July 2012 - The Wizard of Oz - Lynam Frank Baum

Sabine's adaptation and translation of the famous book/film. Her big experience from her work as a circus- and music-hall-artist makes this production just so magical and entertaining! surprising effects, colours, constantly changing scenes, funny texts and entertaining choreographies paired with Friedl Gamerith's songs and music make the show a firework of ideas!

The play is a big success, the pressarticles are full of enthusiasm! :-) The young actors are so motivated, it's great to work with such kids! :-)

The Wizard of Oz - Burgspiele Güssing - july 14th to august 15th 2012 Güssing, Austria





July 2011 - 'Peter Pan' - Matthew James Barrie

is a big success in Austria - Jugendensemble Burgspiele Güssing, Güssing, Austria!

Translation, adaptation, artistic direction and choreographie: Sabine James!





December 24th 2010 - Oberwart hospital, Austria .... our little Samuel Aidan is born!!!!! :o)



25th September 2010 - Street-Show for a family-event 'Bini's wonderful world' (Bini is 6 months pregnant and only just still fits into her austrian dirndl) ...An event for EDF-France at Chateau De Conde Sainte Libiaire-Castle, France




September 2010 - Fashion:mob - catwalk-show - Generali Center Vienna artistic direction Mario Soldo - Mother Agency, Vienna, Austia




July & August 2010 - 'The Ideal Husband' - Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde-Festival, Burgspiele Güssing, Austria

Artistic direction Friedrich Gamerith - choreogaphies Sabine James!



Summer 2010 - The white harp on tour in Austria - 'Renaissance Hotel' Vienna, castle Güssing, Schlaining castle and Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Special guest : Mr. Jeremy James! :o)



Summer 2010 - 'The Canterville Ghost' - Oscar Wilde - theatre-festival 'Burgspiele Güssing', Autriche

Artistic director Sabine James - adaptation and music Friedrich Gamerith -

...for more information and more images of this production look at the site - there's their web-album!



Jeremy James - July 2010 - The European Jugging Convention, Finland!




October 2009 - Sabine at the Salon du Mariage - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. A big thank you to Music Partner's!



September 2009 - Bini's wonderful World! Sabine and Jeremy are enjoying the beautiful autumn-sunshine performing in a Park just outside Orly!



July 2009 - Jeremy's performing at the European Juggling Convention in Spain!


Mai 2009 - Sabine's performing in a see-through plastic bubble with her white harpon the occasion of a cocktail-reception at the magnificent Musée André-Jaquemart.




Spring 2009 - A night at the Museum - the White Harp playing luminous music at the Musée du Louvre!



A new Number! Glow-in-the-dark juggling, swinging and staff-manipulation!



A good start into the New Year 2009 - The three harp-trio at the Hotel Georges V Four Seasons.



December 2008 - After the baby-break Sabine's back to work and for the first time baby Josephine is coming along! Here you see her backstage ... and the wonderful street-sign we had to make a picture off! No entry - except artists! :o)



August 25th 2008 - A big change in our lives and what a joy - the arrival of our little daughter Josephine Anne James!!! :o)




July 2008 - the CD 'La Harpe Blanche' - 'The White Harp' is finally available! Go and see the NEW SITE

Everything about the white harp, Sabine's musical and artistic work on the harp, the new CD, pictures - everything about Sabine the harpist!




March 13th to 16th - Sabine juggling and manipulating crystal balls for 'Chaumet'-jewelry and tiaras. The event was the launch of the new collection (you don't want to know the price of the thing in her hair ....

Very elegant, very stylish, 3 hours of make-up and hair every day, the dresses were designed by the haute-couture designer Ana Quasoar.





March 7th - Our clown-friends Momo and Cracra invited us to perform at their huge clown gala in the north of France, in Douai. A marvellous show with lots of different numbers, famous clowns and musicians and the whole thing set in a very beautiful old theater. Thank you so much for having us, we had a great time!

And we thank Momo and Cracra and the great photographer Zakary Belamy for the nice pictures!

We also have two great videos of our numbers that evening - they'll be on the video-page soon!




February 19th - Club-Med-World Paris - The event-agency 'VIP' launched their new concept: "The lighting cube"! It's a transparent light-up cube that goes up into the air -to give a spectacular effect to concerts, publicity-events or shows.

VIP deciced to book us two for their world-premiere and put us two into and on top of the cube. The harp starts playing inside the cube, Jeremy juggles on top, he steps down and continues his ring-number on stage while the cube with the harp and myself slowly lifts up into the air (6 meters height) and slowly comes back down, just in time for Jeremy's juggling finale.

Cool concept! Here are the pictures:





5th of January 2008 - we worked together with the famous clown-duo 'Momo and Cracra' for a late christmas-show. We had a good laugh together backstage and a couple of glasses of champagne with them afterwards and we're looking forward to their big clown-gala on mars 7th at which they would like us to perform!



We wish you an excellent new year with lots of joy and lots of good things - A very happy New Year 2008!

Well, we ran away from the cold and the rain in Paris ...... we were lucky, we got booked to perform on New Years Eve in Marrakech!

What we wanted to say .....we know that everybody is wondering why we did not update our site for such a long time ....... but ..... we were so incredibly busy! We just didn't have the time ...

We worked like crazy! We didn't stop between cabaret-galas, street-shows, stage-shows, walking acts, close-up and .... I'm very prowd ... my cocktail music on the white harpe. Lots of contracts, lots of work, we're very happy.

We would like to thank all our agents and organizers who trust in us so much, who send us everywhere on all different shows and missions, we are very optimistic to start a new year full of more good surprizes.



Lutin und Lutine wish you à very happy Christmas!





July 6th to 12th we took our boat out for a little drive that should have lasted a day or two - it did last in the end for almost a week. Completely unplanned and improvised, but so much fun!

We motored up the Seine to St. Mammés, together with other boats and .....our cat on board! :o)



5th July 2007 - Sabine and her white harp at the Ritz !!!!!!

(Woooooow! The Ritz, Paris, Place Vendome ....... wooow!)



During the month of june we worked a bit everywhere in and around Paris - street-festivals, summer-parties etc. etc.



Mai 28th to June the 3rd - Sabine and Jeremy James performing at the cabaret-restaurant 'Cahide Sayfiye' in Istanbul, Turkey.

Great fun working in that cabaret outside, dragqueens, divas, feathers and glitter everywhere ...and at the same time a nice holiday visiting Istanbul ...




April and Mai 2007 - Sabine is the 'Nina Ricci Magician' to promote the new 'Nina' perfum - juggling crystal balls just like the crystal-ball in the 'Nina-Clip' on television, doing special 'Nina'-Close-up Magic, demonstrating the magical effect of 'Nina', manipulating the perfum-bottle and playing harp-music.




March 2007 -

Jeremy and his luminous rings are honoured to travel all around the world to perform 'Rings in a different light' -

in Dubai !!!





February 2007 - Lots of new stuff on our site!!!

On our video-page you'll find two brand-new videos:

Jeremy's ring-number performed at the European Juggling Convention .... and ... our 'irish' version of the ring-number accompanied by the harp!




February 2007: We haven't given any news for a long time ... no, no, we are fine ... we are just so busy, we are working and travelling so much all over Europe, that we did not even have the time to look after our site!!! :o)


So ... to tell you everything, we've been travelling all around europe, working, playing for cabaret-shows, galas and events, either together, doing our show like the show 'Cabaret Etoile', or doing our solo-numbers, the fire or the rings.

But we are very prowd - oh yes! - of the succes of our latest concept - Jeremy's rings accompanied by the harp! Here are a couple of pictures of a show for the parisian metro!




New on our site: the chapters 'Cabaret Etoile', the duo 'Anneaux et Harpe' and 'Sabine the harpist' euuuh 'harper'!



August 25 to 27 2006

'Bini the harpist' performed at the 'Festival of World Cultures' at DunLaoghaire!

I was really honoured to be invited to such a big international festival with my little harp ... and very proud to represent Austria!

All alone with my harp and the amplifier on the plane and everything ... for the first time ... what an adventure!!!






11th to 14th of August 2006- With the big street-performance-group 'Malabar', and the duo'Grand Hotel' we played in the streets all over Saintes, the pedestrian area, the market - and in the evening - at the huge amphitheater! Very impressive. Lots of thanks to Laurene and Jean Berthaud, our organizers - and their team!!!




August 3rd to 6th 2006

We performed at the Streetperformance World Championship in Dublin! Wow! Very honoured to be invited we went to Dublin, discovered our incredibly good but also incredibly nice competitors and performed in front of thousands of people! Congratulations again to the organizers!!!






15 to 23 july 2006 - Kinsale Arts Week at Kinsale Ireland:

Very proud to be chosen to perform at the festival to animate the town we really didn't stop: streetshows, juggling-workshops for adults and children and two cabaret-shows at the municipal hall. The whole Artsweek began with a big opening where we surprised the Kinsale mayor by putting him right into the middle of our club-passing ...







9th to 15 july 2006: The European Juggling Convention 2006, Millstreet, Ireland!

Imagine more than 2000 jugglers in one place for one week... Training, workshops, jugglers-market, shows, party and everything ... we performed at the big irish gala-show with the rings and the harp... very stressed, very nervous all through the number, and then ... big applause and everybody standing up ... and us... touched and close to tears hand in hand on stage... Jeremy also performed at the big gala at the end of the convention - with lots of success.





30 and 31 mai 2006 in the famous 'Voûtes' in Paris:

Our world-premiere ... Ladies and Gentlemen ... Jeremy's Rings accompanied by the harp!




Wow! The year 2006 will be our irish year! We were really honoured to perform at the Iirish Juggling Convention in Dublin last March, we're programmed for the Kinsale Arts Week in July and Jeremy is doing the European Juggling Convention in Millstreet... and perhaps... if everything works out ... we'll be doing the a Street-Festival in Dublin beginning of august...



april 25th 2006

Jeremy's luminous rings at a gala in Geneva at the former airport!

Jeremy came back with a smile saying... I've never done that before ... worked on a.... on a former luggage-transporting conveyor-belt! :o)






april 2006 we've bought a new car!!! A Renault Megane estate, with lots of space inside for our stuff - costumes, juggling gear and everything ... what a change from a Twingo!!!







10 to 12 march 2006

The Dublin Juggling Festival!

We were very curious to meet the irish jugglers - we've never been to an irish convention before - and they welcomed us with a couple of beers and a big laugh - really - we had a great time up there with you, guys, apart from the theatre with no heating ;o) and we are looking forward to seeing all of you again this summer in Millstreet at the big one! Thank god that's in July! :o)

Thanks again everybody for everything there - sleep, food, drink - we love you! :o)





Beginning of feburary we ran away ... to Austria ... to celebrate a couple of birthdays and to do some skiing -cross country! Yess!!!!!!



The month of january was - against our experiences of years of show-business - extremely busy! Late Christmas-Celebrations (the last one on january 6th, with christmas-tree, Father Christmas, Presents and everything...) then the New Year-speeches of the maiors of the french towns, galas at the circus and lots of things!



The news of the month of december 2005 - We were everywhere!!!!

We performed in Trappes, Evry, Clairfontine, Egligny, Sevres, at the Pavillon Royal, at the Cirque du Grand Céleste, at the Hardrock Café Prais, in Ablon sur Seine, Mantes la Ville and even by the seaside, in Treport...

What a big end-of-year-mix!

We did the fire, the rings, Arlequin and colombine, and especially asked for at Christmas -

our new Christmas-Show!

Our audience was very impressed by t he extraordinary presentation of our christmastree - in three meters height balanced on a long stick on Lutines nose! We did some Christmas-cleanin with our magic feather cleaners and our tissues that don't stop whirling in the air, we juggled with presents, manipulated snow-balls, made glittery garlands appear by magic, played music together with our audience, even on the magic music-box which is called barrel-organ...



Lundi 17 octobre 2005 - We had to take our boat to the boatyard in order to get the rudder repaired and the hull cleaned and some new anodes put on, but we also discovered that our propeller-shaft was damaged by a piede of rope which could have been very dangerous if unnoticed... we are waiting for the repairs to be done!

More details about the whole affair in our chapter 'the boat'!



Octobrer 11th 2005 - Jeremy's rings and Sabine's crystal-balls are animating the expo-center of Hannover, Germany!


Sunday october 9th 2005 - we performed at the 'Fête du fromage', the big 'cheese-festival' in Meulan! It was a great party, the whole town out and celebrating in the street, lots of smelly cheese around and the highlight of the day was the passage of 300 sheep through the crowd. Very nice, lots of laughs and good mood! Lots of wine, which thank god did not affect our juggling. And we met an audience who participated, who was enthusiastic, but who was critical at the same time - well - a ring on the ground stays a ring on the ground... but lots of rings in the aire are impressive and applauded with joy! :o)




For the first time I took my little harp out in front of public, I switched the microphone and the loudspeaker on and for the first time I played in front of so many people!!!



Saturday october 8th 2005 - Samedi 8 octobre 2005 - les Vendanges de Mont Martre! La butte en fête, le grand défilé folklorique autour du vin et des animations dans la rue, fanfare, expositions, stands de dégustation - et nous, on a fait danser nos anneaux en l'air! La fin fût arrosé... mais seulement après nos spectacles - bien sûr!


Vendredi 30 octobre 2005


Le feu à l' espace"Thurn et Taxis" à Bruxelles! Mon numéro à été projeté en direct - sur des grands écrans vidéos, sur ma droite et ma gauche, mixés avec des images de synthèse...





Dimanche 18 septembre - La fête du village de Tourny! Au milieu du carrefour de la petite ville on a passé un très bon moment entre les voitures passantes, protégé par nos propres agents de sécurité (en orange fluo) pour ne pas se faire écraser en plein milieu du spectacle et surtout - accompagné d' un public joyeux, des confettis partout, des conneries et de la bonne humeur! Merci à Rodolphe et Dorothy Renard et les membres de la municipalité, merci pour tout!




Samedi 10 septembre 2005 - Notre spectacle 'Le monde merveilleux de Bini à Colombes'! On tient à remercier notre public pour chaleureux acceuil! On a bien rit ensemble, on a fait des conneries ensemble, de la musique - merci tout le monde pour avoir participé à notre orchestre de cloches - on a fait de la magie ensemble et au final - un grand tourbillon de jonglerie...




DDimanche 17 et lundi 18 juillet 2005 - On a largué les amares et on est parti traverser Paris avec notre nouveau bateau 'Stern' (Canal St. Denis, Canal St. Martin, Bastille, et le retour sur la Seine), encore en chantier flottant, mais de plus en plus beau et de plus en plus agréable. Nous en sommes très fiere! Très beau temps, équipe sympa - découvrez bintôt plus de photos de notre voyage dans 'mon univers' ou 'le bateau'!



1Samedi 16 juillet 2005 - 'Arlequin et Colombine' ou 'La nouvelle maison de Madame' à Vittel à l'occasion du cinéma en plein air! Merci pour ce chaleureux acceuil, merci à l'équipe sur place, l'équipe du son&lumière, à la mairie de Vittel, et à notre volontaire courageux, qui est monté sur scène et qui a vu nos massues psser de très très près ...



Entre le 28 juin et le 13 juillet 2005 - le tournage du film de 'Shirley et Dino' - on n'a pas fait grand chose... certes... mais il fallait du public pour remplir leur 'Cabaret Paradis'... c'etait beaucoup d'attente entre les prises de vue - que j'ai transformé en repetition de harpe (pour moi) et petit concert inattendu (pour les autres)... le tout en robe leopard... :o)



Mardi 21 juin 2005 - 'Arlequin & Colombine' à la télé sur France 2 pour entourer la petite chanteuse Ilona au chateau de Versailles! Avec nous un ami jongleur sur son monocycle: Philippe Arti.



Dimanche 19 juin 2005- On a fait une animation à l'occasion de la Fête de la cerise à Colombes! Eh bien - notre petit spectacle 'Jonglerie Medievale' marche aussi en animation de rue! Interactif avec notre public qui à déambulé avec nous dans les petits allées du marché de la Mairie... même s'il a fait 35°:! Merci!!!



Samedi 18 juin 2005 - Le spectacle 'Le monde merveilleux de Bini' à Eaubonne! Il a fait chaud, très chaud, mais on s'est abrité à l'ombre, avec notre public, merci à la Ville d'Eaubonne d'avoir planté autant d'arbres et plantes vertes partout! :o) Pour la première fois en spectacle avec nous: le mélodéon allemand (petit accordéon diatonique qu'a ~100 ans) ainsi que le tabouret-trepied Autrichien bizarre et la chanson 'Schuastapolka' - 'La polka du cordonnier'.


Samedi 4 juin 2005 - L'examen de fin d'année (ma premiere année) de mon cours de chant lyrique au conservatoire de Villeneuve La Garenne... Impressionnée par le 'jury', et surtout par la grande chanteuse de l'opéra de Monte Carlo... j'ai tremblé comme une feuille, mais après les deux premieres lignes de ma chanson ma voix est sortie, j'ai reussie! :o)


Samedi 28 mai 2005 - Le spectacle 'Arlequin & Colombine' ou 'La nouvelle maison de Madame' à Colombes! Pour la premiere fois avec notre nouvelle petite sono et les micros cravate!



Vendredi 27 mai 2005 - On vient d'investir dans une petite sono... un ampli 'Mipro' autonome de 50 Watt et deux micros cravate - maintenant on va pouvoir jouer n'importe ou - dans la rue ou même dans un champs - la batterie tient pendant six heures!


Dimanche 22 mai 2005 - le tounage d'un film de présentation de Paris pour les Jeux Olympiques 2012 sous la direction de Luc Besson!!! Très coloré et de bon humeur!



Samedi 22 mai 2005 - Le spectacle 'Arlequin & Colombine' ou 'La nouvelle Maison de Madame' à Fontenay-au-Roses!

Une premiere pour notre nouvelle mise en scène, l'epreuve du chant lyrique accompagné au concertina, plein de nouvelles choses... et - on s'est battu contre le bruit, le vent et la pluie! On a gagné!!! :o)



Mercredi 23 février 2005 - Il est tombé de la neige!!!



Le 20 février 2005 s' est terminé la saison au Cirque du Grand Céleste!

Malheureusement pour ceux qui ont raté le spectacle, et malheureusement aussi pour nous, les artistes, qui ont travaillé dans ce formidable lieu, avec des collègues adorables, de la bonne musique et un public enthousiasmé.. mais maintenant....

Producteurs, organisateurs, directeurs - Dés maintenant on est libre pour toutes propositions!



Dimanche 2 janvier - Le Cirque du Grand Céleste à la télé - dans le journal de TF1!



Lundi 6 décembre - L' arrivée d' une nouvelle harpe - une vraie irlandaise!



Les tout dernières photos du spectacle du Cirque du Grand Céleste:



Sabine à la télé!

Diffusion du Vendredi 26 Novembre 2004 à 20h50 dans l'emission 'Bienvenue au Cabaret sauvage'

Parmi les jeunes artistes inconnus du public qui se retrouvent ce soir sous les feux de la rampe, on peut citer Marie Molliens, une fil-de-ferriste hors pair, Sascha, qui fait la grenouille comme personne, Sabine James, qui jongle avec des massues enflammées, Hercule Flocon, saltimbanque et magicien, Hacki, un clown qui s' approprie un cerceau de manière délirante, Lucie Rouits, une artiste qui fait des claquettes tout en jouant du violon ou encore Mademoiselle Angie-Lo, qui fera un numéro de ruban bourré d' humour. Pour l' occasion, Tom Novembre retrouve son âme d' enfant et présente cette soirée féerique, riche en sensations


Dimanche 21 novembre 2004 dans le Journal Du Dimanche:


Le Grand Céleste, fantaisie qui swingue Le dompteur d' une créature géante manque se faire avaler. Pas d' animaux pourtant dans ce spectacle d' humour et de nonchalance. C' est une fantaisie débridée menée par le comédien Bruno West, pleine de décalages surréalistes où la musique, notamment un swing à la Broadway, tient la première place grâce au pianiste jazzman Ben Boyce.

22, rue Paul-Meurice (20-). 01 53 19 99 13. Sam. et dim. Jusqu'au 29 janvier.