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La Harpe Blanche playing at Theatre du Gouvernail Paris La Villette from september 12th to novembre 28th 2016 every monday 7am


Sabine's 2016 season of the theatre festival 'Burgspiele Güssing' in Austria was a big success - she the artistic director of the festival.

The program this year:



Completely new! Pixelpoi-juggling with programmable led-lights. For more information look at the page Juggling rays of light!


Back in France - available for any show or event

Solo-concerts ‘La harpe blanche’ in Austria


Sabine touring in Austria with the french singer Donoré


July/August 2014 - Being the artistic director of the theatre-festival 'Burgspiele Güssing' in Austria Sabine directs two productions: 'Aladdin' and 'The hound of the Baskervilles' (Sherlock Holmes). Both productions were a big success and created a big buzz in the media, the audience enthousiastic.


Sabine is back France with her new one-woman-show 'Alice in Wunderland'